Dr. Brad Blanton

Dr. Brad Blanton is a psychotherapist, author and seminar leader. He describes himself as “white trash with a Ph.D.” Armed with quick wit and an engaging Southern accent, he speaks with an unwavering honesty that is both disarming and challenging, a quality that has earned him admirers as well as detractors. His first book, Radical Honesty: How To Transform Your Life By Telling The Truth, became a nation wide best seller in 1996 and has been translated into seven languages. The new revised edition was just released by Sparrowhawk Publications in April 2005.

His second book, Practicing Radical Honesty: How to Complete the Past, Live in the Present and Build a Future with A Little Help From Your Friends, about the relationship between personal transformation and social transformation, is the first cause of his current candidacy for congress. In 2002, consistent with that same theme, he published Honest to God: A Change of Heart that Can Change the World (with Neale Donald Walsch). Also in 2002 he published Radical Parenting: Seven Steps to a Functional Family in a Dysfunctional World, which is about child rearing, and Brad says it is the most radical book he has ever written. In 2004 he edited and published The Truthtellers: Stories Of Success By Radically Honest People which is made up of inspiring stories of what happened to people from all walks of life, who read Brad’s books or graduated from his eight day residential Workshop called The Course in Honesty , when they tried being honest in the real world. His first novel, Beyond Good and Evil: The Eternal Split-Second Sound-Light Being was released in the summer of 2005. Brad’s most recent book, The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook, was released in late 2010 and proposes eating the rich in order to save the world.