Israel! 44+ hours of travel and worth it!

Israel Day 1: 3:30AM, Land Tel Aviv 3:40 AM, No luggage! :( 4:30AM Tel Aviv Beach Club to watch sunrise, drink coffee and meet our hostess, Dorit! 8:00 AM Jump in Mediterranean, except me, because I have no luggage :( 9:00 AM Drive to Be'er Sheva in Southern Italy. 11:30 AM Arrive to meet members of newly formed ARGANYA, a group committed to raising the collective conscious in Israel. 11:35 AM Lunch with ARGANYA's gracious members 11:40-1:45 - Film interviews in 99 degree heat. (note: I am still in pants because I have no clothes as doesn't Jennifer). 2:15PM Depart for Gallilee 4:35PM Arrive Gallilee - Tiberius at home of Dorit. Picture an Israel home tranformed by hand into a New Mexico Taos/Ashram artists' sanctuary. Overlooking all of Golan Heights. 5:00 Take power nap! 5:30 Shock awake from nap so as not to crash to heavily 7:30 Go for swim in the River Jordan. AWESOMELY refreshing at about 86 degrees outside. 9:15 Dinner at Nightclub by night, Jordan River baptismal by day. 1:45 Home, post blog, hoping for clothes in the morning. All is pretty good! 95 degrees at bedtime.